Living Learning: Holistic Education

Living Learning: Holistic Education
Living Learning: Holistic Education


CHHF Focus Topic: Holistic Education Programs

Jennifer Hotchkiss has been helping people of all ages learn to connect to themselves, others, and the world around them by facilitating holistic education programs since 2003. After realizing this was a greater part of her purpose, Jennifer left her public school classroom in 2013 with a mission to nurture a nature connected community, based on mentoring and the consideration of the “whole being” and founded Living Learning Education.

Jennifer is a holistic educator, yogi and former public school teacher.

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Children’s Holistic Health Fair’s (CHHF) mission is to help families flourish and thrive by offering holistic resources for health and behavioral challenges. CHHF showcases programs, products and services to meet the demands of raising children with social-emotional, behavioral, learning, developmental and health issues such as ADHD, SPD, Autism, Executive Function, Allergies, Asthma, Motor Function, Constipation/Digestion, and ODD.