Interact with visitors, demonstrate and sell your program, product or service, and increase your business presence by participating as an Exhibitor!

Our shared mission

Our goal is to connect struggling families with resources to help overcome behavioral and health challenges they experience with their children. Our families have much to learn from you, an expert in your field! They may not realize the holistic options available to them as these solutions are often not discussed in conventional doctors’ offices or schools.

Our intention is to create a win/win situation!

  • Families discover hopeful options to help them thrive!
  • Holistic Wellness Pros connect with potential clients, spread your message and your business grows!

CHHF’s focus is to make sure families show up for you and help promote your services and products!


Space is Limited, Don’t miss out – Sign up early!

Exhibitor Booths (only 18 full booths available TOTAL)

  • Full booth: based on standard table size of 6’ x 2.5’, the average booth size will be approximately 6’ long x 5.5’ deep (3’ from wall/behind table in center section); corner spaces may have slightly less or more space. Exhibitors have the booth space area to design and utilize.
    • $100 (first dibs deal) sign up before midnight May 31, 2019
    • $150 (early bird) sign up June 1 – June 14, 2019
    • $200 (full price) sign up June 15 – June 28, 2019
  • Half-booth: based on standard half-table size of 3’ x 2.5’, the average half-booth size will be approximately 3’ long x 5.5’ deep (3’ from wall/behind table in center section); corner spaces may have slightly less or more space. Exhibitors have the half-booth space area to design and utilize.
    • $60 (first dibs deal) sign up before midnight May 31, 2019
    • $100 (early bird) sign up June 1 – June 14, 2019
    • $125 (full price) sign up June 15 – June 28, 2019
  • Tables & Tablecloths – All Exhibitors and Authors must provide their own 6’ x 2.5’ table (exact length) AND a clean, white tablecloth (floor-length). CHHF space is strictly limited, resulting in very little flexibility for table-size variances.  NMM does not have enough tables for Participants’ use. Organizers have a limited supply of tables and tablecloths – contact us immediately if you are in need.

CHHF will take place in New Morning Market’s Community Room on the upper level.

  • Exhibitors will line the community room.
  • Children’s Activities
    • will take place in the specially-designated center section of the community room.
    • Only paid Exhibitors are eligible for a Children’s Activity Leader spot (maximum of one 1-hour spot).
    • Exhibitors may choose to partner with another Exhibitor to share the 1-hour spot. Organizers must approve shared activity arrangements.  (Organizers will not be involved with the details or coordination of the partnership once approved.)
    • Children’s Activity Leaders will be personally chosen by the Organizer. If you wish to be considered for one of the 4 available spots, please complete a short application on the CHHF website.

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Attendance We expect approximately 80+ families to attend, but the Organizer cannot guarantee outside participation. Updated attendance projections will be provided as ticket-holders sign up.
  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Targeted, robust local and social media promotion to grow following and drive event attendance up.
    • Children’s Holistic Health Magazine – Online (CHHM) (value~priceless)
      • As an article contributor to CHHM, Participants will be published experts and can add this to accomplishments portfolios.
      • Children’s Holistic Health Magazine (CHHM) contains valuable information and exclusive offers with practical solutions for families from Holistic Wellness Practitioners.
      • All Exhibitors and other Holistic Wellness Practitioners will contribute an article to be published in CHHM.
      • Online edition: Downloadable online version with full articles and business links will be published on the CHHF website after the event and shared with our online community to continue promoting Participants’ and Advertisers’ businesses.
      • Articles will be posted as individual blogs on the CHHF website pre and post-event.
    • Swag Bags ($50 value)
        • Receive complimentary space for your business materials/samples in goody bags for the first 50 families in attendance. (quantity = 50)
    • Children’s Holistic Health Resource Directory ($25 value)
      • Receive a complimentary listing for 1 year in the CHHS Wellness Professionals Online Directory.
      • The directory is a growing resource for families searching for online and local holistic services and is available on our website(s) year-round for extended exposure.
    • Children’s Holistic Health Fair Event Program
      • Printed program listing Participants and Children’s Activities schedule will be distributed to attendees during the event.
  • Virtual CHHF & Private Facebook Group (value~exponential) ~ Exciting new feature!
    • Virtual CHHF live stream is for families who can’t attend and all ticket holders who wish to access the recordings and interact with Participants after the event!
    • All Participants will receive a “virtual visit” with organizers during the event, who will share the live stream in our private Facebook group just for ticket holders and Participants. Recordings will be available for continued viewing for at least 3 months after posting.
    • Participants are asked to join the private Facebook group and are encouraged to connect with ticket holders pre and post event.
    • Virtual CHHF is an awesome additional chance to spotlight your business and connect with our online community, continuing the conversation around supporting families!
  • New Morning Market Gift Bag (approximate $10 value) – New Morning Market is providing one gift bag filled with special deals/coupons and samples for each CHHF Participant (limit one per Participant).
  • “Exhibitor Success Guide” (value~priceless) – Receive CHHF’s exclusive guide packed with proven and creative ways to maximize your event participation to grow your business.
  • Raffle Tickets (minimum $15 value for winning ticket holders) – Each Participant will receive 2 raffle tickets for entry to win prizes awarded at CHHF.
  • Networking opportunities (value~priceless) – Connect with other Participants and be on the look-out for potential partnerships/affiliations with other Wellness Professionals.
  • Children’s Holistic Health Source (CHHS) Education Series (value~priceless) Exciting future opportunity! – As a participant in CHHF, you’ll have the first to chance to participate in video presentations, interviews and Q&A’s.

Exhibitor Information

  • Exhibitors will be personally chosen by the Organizer. If you have not been approached by the Organizer and wish to be considered for available spots, please complete a short application – click button below.
  • Exhibitors are asked to focus on a specific topic(s) at this event, as discussed with and agreed upon between the Participant and Organizer. The intent is to provide representation of a wide breadth of information for attendees. It is acceptable for Participants to discuss other topics, programs, products, and services offered through their business as well as provide informational literature at their booth. If Participants wish to sell or market a specific product brand, they must coordinate with the Organizer to avoid duplication. Preference is given to Participants who enroll early.
  • Priority will be given to Exhibitors who are in alignment with CHHS mission and book early.
  • Promotion – All participants are expected to promote CHHF – please use promotional materials and guidelines available through the website link provided via email.
  • Information and Materials for Marketing and Promotion – Participants are expected to provide the following items to the Organizers. Details will be given via email, on the CHHF website (Participants Information page) and are included in Terms & Conditions section below.
    • Logo, Photos and Marketing Copy (print-ready: edited and proofread)    
    • Informational Article (print-ready: edited and proofread) for CHHM and CHHF website blog posts.
    • Special Deal (optional and highly recommended) – a unique coupon/special deal just for CHHF to be included in Informational Article and promoted on CHHF website for list-building.
    • Raffle Contribution – at least one raffle prize ($25 or more value) along with a description and value by July 1, 2019. Prizes will be collected upon arrival at the event on July 20, 2019.
    • Event Special (optional and highly recommended) – just for attendees who visit your booth.
    • Swag Bags Contribution (optional and highly recommended) – 50 business materials/samples for the first 50 families in attendance.
  • Virtual CHHF & Private Facebook Group – Participation details and a schedule will be provided via email and on the CHHF website (Participants Information page).
  • The Organizer will keep a wait list in the event of cancellations or additional openings in the schedule.
  • See your approval email for a link to the online shopping cart to process your request and payment.  Contact the Organizer with any questions: childrensholistic@gmail.com.

Ways we are working to increase attendance:

  • Ticket Sales – We are charging $10/family and estimate 80 families will attend this year (average 2 people per family), but we’ll go for MORE!
  • Goody Bags, Samples and Raffle Prizes – We are adding lots of free samples and prizes just for attendees of CHHF and will promote in advance to get people in the door.
  • Children’s Activities – The focus of CHHF will be the exhibitors (YOU!) and children’s activities to attract families.
  • Marketing & Promotion: We are expanding promotion efforts into a variety of complementary markets and will support with paid advertising (primarily Facebook). We will be working behind the scenes to keep the excitement of CHHF going:
    • Consistent communication to CHHF email followers
    • Frequent posts on Social Media (CHHF FB page and groups) and we request the same of our participants to expand reach
    • Advertising in some magazines, such as Natural Awakenings
    • Flyers at New Morning Market and area businesses
    • Requests with local schools to post & distribute flyers
    • Online promotion with local complementary organizations
    • Kids Alert email blast throughout CT
    • Connect with home-school groups
  • Virtual Attendance – Virtual CHHF will be live-streamed in a private FB group, providing interaction between exhibitors/wellness professionals post-event through recordings. Our goal is to reach at least 50 families, but the potential is limitless, and extends well beyond the day of the fair. Only CHHF participants and ticket holders (both physical and virtual) will have access to the group.

Your Return on Investment: There are many tangible and intangible ways your business will benefit by joining us! We’ll be sure to spotlight and promote you to potential clients before, during and after the event because we want you to succeed!

  • CHHF Attendees – interacting with families in person at the event!
  • CHHF Website
  • Social Media and Advertising/Promotion
  • CHHF and New Morning Market Emails
  • Children’s Holistic Health Magazine with your article distributed online after the event
  • Virtual CHHF Private Facebook Group
  • Swag bags
  • Online Resource Directory for 1 year
  • Plus many other benefits!

Payment Information

  • See your sign-up email for a link to the online shopping cart to process your request and payment.
  • Make all payments online – Note: no cash or handwritten checks. Payments will be made to “Children’s Holistic Health Source, LLC”.
  • All payments are non-refundable.  For a successful event, we must have full commitment from all Participants. Because of this, we cannot offer refunds or credits for any reason after payment is completed. Thank you for understanding.
  • Online Authorization and Acceptance
    • Entering your name upon checkout acts as your online signature.
    • Checking the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” box and making payment signifies that you are agreeing to advertise at the chosen level.
    • It also signifies that you have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions, all requirements and policies detailed in this document and on the CHHF website and any restrictions enforced by the State of CT.

If you’re interested in participating in July 20, 2019 event, apply below!

Email us at childrensholistic@gmail.com with questions.

Click here for detailed information on:

  • A sampling of topics/modalities we would love specialists to cover at CHHF
  • The benefits of participating in CHHF
  • Other ways to participate in CHHF
  • CHHF Snapshot
  • Marketing and Promotion for CHHF and beyond
  • Application Process
  • Volunteer Opportunities


Children’s Holistic Health Source, LLC (CHHS) mission is to help families flourish and thrive by offering holistic resources for health and behavioral challenges. CHHS showcases programs, products and services to meet the demands of raising children with social-emotional, behavioral, learning, developmental and health issues such as ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Autism, Constipation/Digestion, Depression, Executive Function, Motor Function, ODD and SPD.
Children’s Holistic Health Fair (CHHF) is a program of Children’s Holistic Health Source, LLC (CHHS)